Tinto de Verano: Spanish Drink Recipe to Beat the Heat

Tinto de Verano: Spanish Drink Recipe to Beat the Heat
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Summer heat can be intense, but nothing beats a refreshing drink to alleviate the temperature and bring some joy to the hottest season of the year. And when it comes to beverages that combine flavor and lightness, Spanish Tinto de Verano is an unbeatable choice.

Learn the recipe for this delicious and uncomplicated drink that promises to ward off the heat with an Iberian touch.

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What is Tinto de Verano?

Originating from Spain, Tinto de Verano is traditionally composed of red wine and lemon soda or lemonade. This simple yet flavorful cocktail is the perfect choice for those sunny days when you crave a light and revitalizing beverage.

  • 1 bottle of red wine (750 ml)
  • 1 can of lemon soda or lemonade (360 ml)
  • Ice to taste
  • Lemon slices (optional, for garnish)


  • Pour the red wine into a large pitcher. Choose a young and fruity wine to enhance the refreshing flavors of Tinto de Verano.
  • Add the lemon soda or lemonade to the pitcher. The quantity can be adjusted according to your personal taste, providing more or less effervescence.
  • Add ice to the mixture. Ice is essential to keep the drink well-chilled, making it even more enjoyable on hot days.
  • Stir gently to mix the ingredients. Be sure not to lose the bubbles of the soda, as they are an integral part of the refreshing experience.

Serve the drink in tall glasses and decorate with lemon slices if desired. The lemon slices not only add a charming visual touch but also intensify the citrusy flavor of Tinto de Verano.
Extra Tip: Creative Variations

While the traditional recipe is delightful on its own, many variations can be explored. Add fresh fruits like strawberries or oranges for an even more vibrant touch. Experiment with different types of red wine to discover flavor combinations that appeal to your palate.

Tinto de Verano is more than a drink; it’s a refreshing experience that transports you to the sunny Spanish lands. Try this easy recipe and share joyful moments with friends and family while enjoying one of the most iconic flavors of summer. Health and freshness in every sip!

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