Whiskey Aged to the Sound of V8 Engine Has Unique Texture and Flavor

Whiskey Aged to the Sound of V8 Engine Has Unique Texture and Flavor

This limited edition Australian whiskey boasts a unique texture and flavor attributed to its aging process accompanied by the roar of V8 race car engines. It’s not uncommon for distilleries worldwide to employ a distinctive process to give their spirits a personalized taste.

However, you might be surprised to learn about a whiskey that gains its distinctive taste and texture through aging to the sound of V8 race car engines. Behold the Sounds Of Bathurst 2023, a unique Australian whiskey produced by a brand called NED in collaboration with Supercars and Grove Racing.

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The spirit ages to the adrenaline-inducing roar of V8s racing around the iconic Bathurst track in Australia. After winning two gold medals in the 2022 edition, NED has released the third annual edition of the Sounds of Bathurst whiskey this year, inspired by the 60th-anniversary event of the Bathurst 1000 in October.

To create the Sounds of Bathurst whiskey, reserve whiskey barrels are aged at the NED distillery in Melbourne, within a custom soundproof container. The container is equipped with speakers that deliver 2,000 hours of V8 noise from the car, sourced from laps by David Reynolds and Mat Payne on the Bathurst race track.

The powerful speakers ensure that the sounds permeate deep into the barrels, imparting a personalized taste to the whiskey. Additionally, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Bathurst 1000, NED worked with Supercars to unearth audio files from the Commodore and Falcon, along with Greg Murphy’s Lap of the Gods in 2003 and the victories of Steve Richards and Mark Winterbottom.

While the entire process of sound aging may seem a bit mysterious, the creators of Sounds Of Bathurst claim it creates a distinct flavor profile. The description on the brand’s official website states, “Over three years of Sound Aging projects, we’ve discovered that the flavors of dark caramel and burnt maple are enhanced and highlighted with greater texture depth in the whiskies that undergo the process.”

The 2023 edition features two carefully selected labels, “Retro” and “Innovation,” which, according to NED, reflect the 60th anniversary of the Bathurst 1000 and the exciting future of the Ford Generation 3.

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