Castle built by millionaire for daughters who dreamed of being princesses is for sale for R$ 126.5 million in the US


Imagine a castle that looks like it has been taken straight out of a fairy tale. Now, imagine that this castle is a royal residence located in Connecticut, United States, and is currently available for $26 million, equivalent to about R$ 126.5 million.

With an impressive area of 1,672 m², this magnificent mansion is known as Castle Chris Mark, and its construction was completed in 2010 in the city of Woodstock. The owner acquired a 75-acre property for $167,500 – approximately R$ 816,000 – in 2003, beginning the creation of this majestic residence, which was finished seven years later.

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According to the magazine “Casa e Jardim,” the property was initially listed in 2014 for $45 million, about R$ 219 million, but did not find a buyer at the time. Later, the striking house returned to the market in 2021, priced at $35 million, approximately R$ 170.5 million, and again in 2022, at the highest value of $60 million, about R$ 292 million.

The owner, Christopher Mark, built this dream house for his two daughters, whose aspirations were to feel like true princesses. Inside the residence, numerous sculptures were meticulously modeled based on the girls’ faces.

The architecture of the property features characteristic elements of the medieval era, including an imposing moat at the entrance and majestic towers that rise to a height of 37 meters.

Inside, intricately carved wood details adorn the nine bedrooms and various shared spaces, all equipped with fireplaces. The mansion also features a spacious kitchen, an auditorium, and seven full bathrooms.

Christina, one of the owner’s daughters, offers glimpses of life in the castle through her TikTok channel. In one of the videos, she and a friend wear stunning ball gowns and tiaras, capturing the essence of authentic princesses.

@thechrismarkcastle I really did freeze Arendelle 🥶❄️ @christinamarkk1 #frozen #elsaandanna #castle #winterwonderland #winter #chrismarkcastle ♬ original sound – Winx/Disney

In another post, Christina provides a close-up of her friend’s face, who displays a look of disbelief upon seeing Christina’s childhood face skillfully carved into the stone walls outside the mansion. She enthusiastically shares, “My friend’s reaction upon seeing my face immortalized on the walls of my house,” in the clip.

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