Meet the superyacht with more than 2 Olympic swimming pools that will take 5 years to be built


This videogame billionaire’s superyacht is so luxurious that its construction will take 5 years. With more than two Olympic swimming pools, the hybrid vessel will accommodate 22 guests and be as quiet as a stealth warship.

Oceanco made history with Project Y721, also known as Superyacht Koru, owned by Amazon co-founder and centibillionaire Jeff Bezos. Now, the shipyard is preparing another gigantic Project, Project Y722, the next in line, measuring 364 feet in length. In June 2023, Project Y722 was spotted outside the shipyard for the first time.

Commissioned in 2020, the motor yacht began construction in 2020 at the facilities in Zwijndrecht, Netherlands. With interiors by the British design firm Mark Berryman Design and an exterior design by Espen Oeino, this will be a remarkable yacht sailing the open seas in 2025.

According to Yachtcharterfleet, the Oceanco Y722 will have at least 11 suites and a crew of 33 people. The luxury ship, considered the shipyard’s third-largest yacht, will feature amenities such as a sauna, spa, a huge beach club, a gym, and a cozy Jacuzzi on the deck.

“The Y722 will break new boundaries at Oceanco, with industry-leading noise and vibration features, and a focus on usability and operability will provide a holistic and comfortable experience for everyone on board,” explained Dan Morgan, CEO of YTMC.

The wealthy owner is a deep-sea yacht enthusiast, but not without understanding the environmental impact. With Project Y722, efficiency and the environment were at the forefront of the design process. The ship is equipped with a diesel-electric power plant and an extensive battery energy storage system, ensuring quiet and emissions-free operation.

Marcel Onkenhout, CEO of Oceanco, commented, “At Oceanco, we thrive by working with visionary clients and their teams to build yachts that challenge the status quo and look to the future for inspiration.

It’s very rewarding to collaborate with an owner and their team in such a positive and engaged manner. From its unique layout and philanthropic operations to its innovative and future-prepared technical capabilities, the Y722 is a pioneer in all aspects.”

Gabe Newell is a legend in the world of videogames –

Billionaire entrepreneur Gabe Newell, valued at $7.86 billion, is the co-founder of video game developer Valve, which has given the world hits like Half-Life, Portal 2, Left 4 Dead, and Counter-Strike. The 61-year-old former Microsoft employee, who left Harvard, founded Valve with his Microsoft colleague programmer Mike Harrington.
The debut of Half-Life in 1998 changed the technology genius’s life by 360 degrees. Valve has presented over 19,000 games for players of all ages and interests, earning the entrepreneur about $100 million annually.

Source: Luxury Launches

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