Woman pays $3.99 for vase and sells it for $100,000

Woman pays $3.99 for vase and sells it for $100,000
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A woman’s $3.99 (£3.12) vase from a charity shop earned her $100,000 (£78,100) at auction.


Jessica Vincent bought a glass vase at Goodwill, a thrift store chain across America.
Jessica was intrigued by her purchase, marked with ‘Murano’ and ‘Italia’ at the bottom, and then joined a Facebook group focused on Murano glass.

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After sharing some photos of her bargain, members suggested it might have been created by Carlo Scarpa, an Italian glassmaker. It is also said that the vase dates back to the 1940s, under a collection called ‘Pennellate’.

Members of the private group soon flooded her post, marveling at Jessica’s discovery.

“They are very rare. Every collector would love to have this. But most people can’t afford them,” replied one person, according to People.

She then connected with Richard Wright from the Wright Auction House in Chicago after feeling stressed in her newly purchased farmhouse, where “everything needed fixing” and she had no heating.

The vase was sold for an impressive $107,100 (£83,672), leaving Jessica with about $83,000 (£64,800).

“I saved the vase, and the vase saved me,” she told the publication.

This is not the first time someone’s luck surprised them more than they expected.

In Manchester, New Hampshire, a charity buyer purchased a painting for $4 – initially to improve the frame.

Later, she decided to auction it, where it was estimated at a value between $150,000 (£118,149) and $250,000 (£196,916).

The listing described the painting by Newell Convers Wyeth (1882-1945) as a representation “of the tension between Ramona and her stern and authoritarian adoptive mother, Señora Moreno.”

Source: Indy100

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