Watches: Tag Heuer Carrera Celebrates 60th Anniversary with a Collector’s Piece from the Past and the Future


Currently, there is a high demand for vintage watches, and many people wonder why these models are so popular.

As a luxury watch journalist, this is a question I am often asked. The answer to this question goes beyond the simple rarity of original vintage watch models.

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In fact, modern watches surpass their old counterparts due to advancements in engineering and manufacturing. They are constructed with superior materials, highly precise components, and state-of-the-art movements. In the last 30 years, there have been more innovations in watch technology than in the previous 100 years, making modern movements more reliable, accurate, and durable.

But why then are these watches called “vintage” if they are new products? The reason lies in the incredible resemblance they bear to iconic designs of the past. Some of these modern watches are so faithful to their historical counterparts that it’s difficult to tell the difference. After all, good design is timeless and deserves to be revisited and preserved.

Many of these iconic designs date back to the golden years of watch design, especially in the 1960s and 1970s. One favorite among collectors is the famous “panda” chronograph, nicknamed for its black dial contrasting with silver or white sub-dials, resembling the face of a panda.

The pursuit of high legibility inspired this design, and the combination of black and white proved perfect for this purpose. TAG Heuer was one of the pioneers to adopt this look in their Carrera line.

On the 60th anniversary of this collection, they have recreated the most coveted model of all: the Carrera Chronograph reference 2447 SN. The original was conceived by Jack Heuer in the 1960s and was named after the famous and perilous Carrera Panamericana road race held on the roads of Mexico.

The Carrera Chronograph 60th Anniversary Edition is a faithful reinterpretation of the Carrera 2447 SN, with the exception that the 60-minute and 12-hour counters have been reversed, and the radioactive tritium has been replaced with contemporary Super-LumiNova. The dial is protected by a high-profile glass case, remaining true to the original.

Furthermore, it houses the Heuer 02, TAG Heuer’s automatic chronograph caliber with an 80-hour power reserve. With a limited production of only 600 pieces worldwide, this watch stands out as a future collector’s piece due to its rarity.

Source: Forbes

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