Video Shows Van Transformation into Dream Motorhome in Just 1 Hour

Video Shows Van Transformation into Dream Motorhome
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Since the surge in the popularity of motorhome in 2019, many people have been considering this experience, especially during the summer months when vacation rental prices tend to rise.

A Vigo-based company called VanCubic appears to have found the ideal solution for easily and quickly transforming your van into a motorhome.

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The idea behind this innovation involves the use of standardized modules that include a kitchen, bathroom, living area, and everything needed to transform your vehicle into a motorhome in just one hour, with a starting cost of 16,000 euros. VanCubic offers three available configurations: ‘VanCubic Basic,’ ‘VanCubic Loft,’ and ‘VanCubic Premium.’

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The ‘Basic’ option includes a kitchen-bathroom module with vinyl flooring. The portable gas stove B-250 features a black metal sink and an independent faucet with a built-in pump and battery. The bathroom includes a portable toilet with two 22-liter tanks each. Additionally, the living module incorporates a bed to accommodate two adults.
The ‘VanCubic Loft’ configuration adds a luggage cabinet or a 120 cm sofa to the previous option. Finally, the ‘Premium’ model comes with extras like a foldable shower tray and a more powerful portable power source.

However, it’s worth noting that this solution is not suitable for all types of vans. The reusable modular units fit only in L2H2-sized vehicles or larger, requiring a minimum interior height of 1.90 meters and a length of 2.70 meters. This applies mainly to popular commercial vans such as the Ford Transit, Opel Movano, Citroën Jumper, Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, Volkswagen Crafter, or Nissan Interstar.

The installation of these modules is quick and shouldn’t take more than an hour, as mentioned earlier. They have rings at the ends of the structure and wheel supports, allowing you to lift them and slide them into the van using the rails. Once in place, they are secured to the rings of the vehicle’s structure with straps, and lighting panels are installed.

For enthusiasts who wish to enjoy this lifestyle while on vacation, this option presents an excellent opportunity. Although the initial cost may be somewhat high, the modules include all the necessary amenities and can be removed and reinstalled easily, without the need for lengthy approvals. Undoubtedly, VanCubic offers one of the most practical solutions for those seeking the freedom to travel in a home on wheels.

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