Video: 15-year-old millionaire wraps his Ferrari in Louis Vuitton logos

Rashed Saif Belhasa.Photos and video: Instagram reproduction @rsbelhasa
Rashed Saif Belhasa.Photos and video: Instagram reproduction @rsbelhasa

The young Rashed Saif Belhasa who at the time did the madness, was 15 years old, lives in Dubai and leads a life many would envy.

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He is friends with celebrities and soccer stars and flaunts very exclusive privileges on Instagram.

Son of a billionaire in the construction field in Dubai, the boy spends his money (or rather, his father’s) in sometimes unusual ways.

After posting photos of various cars, yachts, and selfies with famous people, Rashed wrapped his Ferrari with logos of Supreme X Louis Vuitton.

Rashed must really like the brand. Besides the Ferrari, he posted a photo showing off the entire collection of the partnership between the two labels: clothes, accessories, and also bags.

By the way: also by Dubai law, like Brazil, he couldn’t even drive before the age of 18.

But that doesn’t seem to have stopped the boy from, not only buying a Ferrari, but also making it look the way he wants…

But tell the truth, would you do the same if you had a Ferrari?

Photos and video: Instagram reproduction @rsbelhasa

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