Old Monastery in Tuscany for Sale for $10 Million

Old Monastery in Tuscany for Sale for $10 Million

An ancient monastery, one of the oldest abbeys in Tuscany, is on sale. For $10 million, you acquire the Benedictine Abbey, a garden, a vineyard, an olive grove, and a winery. What often happens to historical structures is that, sooner or later, they get lost in time, abandoned by their caretakers, or transformed into unrecognizable versions of what they once were.

Hopefully, history does not repeat this pattern for the Abbey of Santo Eugenio, one of the oldest in Tuscany, which is for sale due to the transfer of the last Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul.

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Fortunately, it’s not every day that one of the oldest monasteries in Tuscany, dating back to 730 AD, comes up for sale. Lionard Luxury Real Estate is selling not just the oldest monastery in Tuscany but also a significant part of history, a beacon of culture, and an architectural marvel.

Located in the iconic hills of Siena, the Benedictine Abbey, complete with a garden, vineyard, olive grove, and winery, is offered for $10 million. The internal area of the three-story building covers 6,200 square meters, complemented by extensive outdoor spaces totaling over 10,000 square meters.

The architecture, dating back several centuries, is truly incredible, and the majesty of the Abbey is evident in its two cloisters. One building is a testament to elegant Renaissance architecture, with round arches and sandstone columns. The second cloister features distinctive hexagonal brick pillars.

Mixed masonry of tuff and brick is seen in every corner of the property. The charm lies in the details, such as a small chapel with frescoes in the vault with medallions and grotesques, a refined work of a Sienese artist from the late 16th century that cannot be reproduced today. In fact, in this $10 million property, most rooms are vaulted and adorned with frescoes. Dating back to the year 730, the Benedictine abbey was founded by the Lombard Warnifredo, the royal administrator of Siena.

Inside, the church features three aisles with cross-vaulted ceilings. At the intersection of these aisles with the transept, a dome rises, framing the location of two stucco altars. It should be noted that the entire complex is for sale for $10 million. Unlike typical properties that emphasize excellent views and location, this extraordinary and rare building presents the rich history and culture of Siena. This convent offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of history in an amazing location.

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