From Rolls-Royces to Lamborghinis: Supercars Abandoned in Dubai. Watch the video!

From Rolls-Royces to Lamborghinis

From Rolls-Royces to Lamborghinis, a recent video captures the disheartening scene of thousands of exotic supercars deteriorating under Dubai’s intense sun.

For car enthusiasts who dream of one day owning these fire-spewing machines, the sight of abandoned Ferraris and Lamborghinis rotting away under the scorching heat is truly heart-wrenching.

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However, in the outskirts of Dubai, this is a sadly common sight, where numerous exotic cars have been relegated to massive automotive graveyards.

Several YouTubers have already documented these locations, including the renowned automotive influencer Alex Hirschi, better known as Supercar Blondie, who provides us with a melancholic glimpse of these supercar-filled cemeteries. The latest video, shared by the famous TikTok user Nemanja Kralj, seems to confirm that nothing has changed over the years.

Bentleys, Rolls-Royces, shiny G-Wagons, and even limited editions are often found in these automotive resting places. What’s most surprising is that some of these supercars show little visible damage or even appear untouched and nearly new. The TikTok user expresses sorrow at seeing these precious vehicles deteriorating under the relentless sun.

According to reports, approximately 3,000 luxury cars, including Lamborghinis and Aston Martins worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, are abandoned in Dubai. Some are left behind by entrepreneurs facing financial difficulties and unable to afford the expenses, simply opting to abandon these exotic cars to avoid legal troubles.

Some of the vehicles in the graveyard have accrued fines that, in some cases, exceed the value of the car itself. A real pity!

Source: luxurylaunches

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