Dubai is building the largest airport in the world

Dubai is building the largest airport in the world
Dubai is building the largest airport in the world

If it’s the largest, it has to be in Dubai! This saying is becoming synonymous with almost everything built on land, from skyscrapers to hotels and museums.

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The latest is Dubai’s Al Maktoum International Airport, the world’s first aerotropolis specifically built to become the largest airport in the world by 2050, with capacity for up to 255 million passengers annually.
Also known as Dubai World Central, the Jebel Ali airport spans 14,000 hectares. In comparison, the prominent Los Angeles International Airport spans 14 square kilometers, and John F. Kennedy International Airport (29 million passengers annually) spreads over 19 square kilometers.

The $33 billion project was launched 13 years ago for cargo operations. Ten years ago, Dubai World Central began passenger services and by 2050, it will be able to accommodate up to 255 million passengers, with phase one set to be completed in 2030.

Dubai International Airport currently spans 2,900 hectares and recorded 66.1 million passengers in 2022. By 2030, Al Maktoum International Airport will include a logistics center, a luxurious golf resort, a shopping and exhibition center with 3 million square meters of exhibition space, a commercial district and a residential and hotel area.

Source: Luxury Launches

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