Dubai builds exclusive luxury resort worth 50 million R$ for small dogs


Dubai is taking luxury for pets to an entirely new level by announcing the construction of a custom-built resort worth 50 million R$, exclusively catering to small dogs.

The Canine Care Center, also known as “My Second Home,” has been built in Dubai to redefine the lives of our furry companions, offering tailored daycare and boarding services specifically for small dogs.

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As part of an extensive 10 million USD expansion initiative, the center will serve as a haven for adorable canines, complete with exciting aquatic features, relaxation zones, and expansive play areas.

Aptly named “Little Gems by My Second Home,” this expansive facility will span over 46,000 square feet, ensuring that pets can enjoy a truly five-star lodging experience.

The opening is scheduled for this Christmas season at Dubai Investments Park 2 (DIP 2). The resort-like facilities promise to pamper your furry friends with every imaginable luxury. From convenient delivery and pickup services to daily companionship of up to 300 dogs, grooming and training sessions with industry experts, your canine companion will revel in a tailor-made paradise just for them.

“The increase in pet ownership during the pandemic – especially of smaller dog and cat breeds – has created a tremendous demand, which we are addressing by building more suites,” commented Sean Parker, General Manager of My Second Home. He added, “At our DIP and Al Quoz locations, the boarding capacity has now reached 250 dogs and 40 cats.”

Empowered by the demand and feedback from our valued customers, Paul Sowerby, Co-founder of My Second Home, shared, “Driven by demand and feedback from our valuable members, we are accelerating things again in Dubai and exploring potential partnerships beyond the United Arab Emirates.”

In the ever-evolving world of pet care, Dubai’s opulent pet resort is a testament to the limitless care and consideration dedicated to our four-legged companions. As the doors of Little Gems by My Second Home open this holiday season, a new era of dog-centered indulgence awaits in the heart of Dubai.

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