Dior Launches $230 Bonne Étoile Children’s Perfume

Dior Launches $230 Bonne Étoile Children's Perfume

Dior has introduced the $230 Bonne Étoile perfume for the little ones born into luxury.

Babies are undoubtedly adorable, but the scents associated with them can be an entirely different experience. Dior’s latest offering ensures that your precious child exudes the appropriate luxury fragrance befitting their status.

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The renowned fashion house Dior has launched a skincare line for baby’s delicate skin that is gentle and safe. The Baby Dior collection for bath time includes three essential products: La Mousse Très Fondante, a cleansing foam developed for use on hair, face, and body; L’Eau Très Fraîche, a soothing cleansing product tailored for sensitive babies; and Le Lait Très Tendre, a moisturizing milk.

In addition to these essential skincare items, Dior has unveiled a new fragrance for babies called “Bonne Étoile,” created by the renowned perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, the creative director of perfumes. This fragrance is an Eau de Senteur, or scented water, with a gentle formulation, alcohol-free, and low in aromatic oil concentration.

Kurkdjian explained in a press statement that an infant Eau de Senteur should evoke a simple, natural, and comforting scent, reminiscent of the soft fragrance found on the cheeks of a beautiful baby.

This water-based perfume is composed of 98% natural ingredients, making it gentle and safe for a baby’s delicate skin. Dior recommends applying it to the baby’s neck or spraying it in the nursery to create a soothing ambiance. Bonne Étoile is available in two charming colors, light pink and light green, adorned with a Toile de Jouy pattern featuring a garden of Granville.

As for the price, Bonne Étoile is available for $230, while Baby Dior’s bath time range varies from $95 to $115. All of these exceptional products can already be purchased on the brand’s online store.

Source: Luxury Launches

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