Cardi B’s husband eats a hotdog worth 500,000 R$

Cardi B's husband eats a hotdog worth 500,000 R$

Rapper Quavo, Cardi B’s husband, went viral on the internet after sharing his culinary extravagance at a luxury restaurant during his recent trip to France last weekend.

Cardi B’s husband shared a video in which he is eating a hotdog worth $100,000, equivalent to 500,000 R$ according to the exchange rate on this Tuesday (3rd).

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The former member of the Migos group explained that the restaurant offers several extravagant options for the traditional hotdog.

His choice was to replace the sauce with a topping of gold flakes. “100,000 dollars shining,” exclaimed Quavo while savoring the millionaire experience. And it seems that he really enjoyed the experience.

Source: Portal R7

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