Balenciaga launches skirt made with cotton towel for $925


Balenciaga is air-drying a new designer item that the company is selling… a skirt made from a cotton towel with a whopping price tag of $925.

The haute couture house is being dragged online for its new and expensive towel skirt, with people on social media poking fun at Balenciaga.

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The $925 towel skirt is part of the brand’s Spring 2024 collection. Pre-orders started on Tuesday, and many are wondering what the heck is going on.

Among the cheeky tweets… “Nah Balenciaga, a towel skirt? 😭 who the hell is the creative director there” and “Balenciaga is selling a towel wrapped around someone’s waist as a skirt for $925 😂😂😂 please be f****** serious.”

The brand states that the $925 towel skirt is supported by two buttons inside the waist and an adjustable belt with a buckle inside… and it’s made in Italy and needs to be dry cleaned.

The model on the website is wearing the towel skirt over a $1,950 cargo pants and a $1,000 zip-up hoodie.

Naturally, some users on social media say they can achieve the same look for much less… like with a simple towel.

The $925 price seems to be the main complaint here, but one woman said… “A TOWEL SKIRT AS A FASHION STATEMENT?!?! Please, THIS IS SO UGLY 😭 why Balenciaga ?????”

Meanwhile, others are wondering if this is just a joke.

Source: TMZ

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